Saturday September 2,2017  11:00 AM

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Parital Estate:
Beautiful Oak Kitchen Cabinet circa 1930, Super Antique Blanket Chest early 1800’s, Chippendale drop front bookcase desk, One of the finest Victorian Marble insert Cabinets with lots of carvings mid 1800, Outstanding Oak Pattern back Rocker circa 1920, Beautiful Tall Grandfather Clock, Large Oak bow front China Cabinet circa turn of the century, Antique lamps, and occasional tables, Upright wind up Phonograph, Outstanding dining room set table with 8 chairs, 2 Antique Slot machines in Excellent condition, Large mechanical Gum Ball machine, Early Disc Music box with extra disc., Mantle clocks, Lawyer Stackbookcases, Western Prints and Oil paintings, Art Glass Windows, Iron Toys, Porcelain signs some new. This is just a partial listing of the many items to be sold.
Also consigned several Large Bronze statues. Fantastic Life size Bronze Elk, Five foot tall Bronze standing Bear,Bear fountain with fish,Beautiful small garden fountains, Life size Bronze Blind Justice , Large American Eagle in bronze and more.  This is a fantastic collection of bronze statuary.
Super nice coin collection including Gold coins $2 ½, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 pieces, 250 Early silver dollars, Coin sets, $500 bill, Silver Certificate in various denominations, American silver Eagles, lots of coins not listed.
30 Antique Guns.  Due to job trans fer 25 from one collection most with Winchester letters.  Some of the best 1886 Winchesters that you will find any where go to the web site for more complete listing.  If you are interested in the finest plan to attend this auction.
Join us in our newly air condition facility.  Everyone Welcome no buyers Premium .Terms Cash or check with proper ID .  Concession available. H.A. Miears Sr. auctioneer. Announcements made day of sale supercedes all advertisment

Labor Day 2017 Gun List.
1.This Colt Lightning is a 32 Cal. With 26’’ Octagon barrel Shipped May 22, 1893 Serial #68347 New York.  This is a real nice original gun
2.This is a 1893 Marlin 30-30 cal. Serial#B2057 with 26’’ octagon barrel A outstanding original gun
3.This is a 1873 Winchester 32 WCF Serial #579121B  Octagon barrel nice original gun
4.This is a 1876 Winchester Octagon barrel cal. 45-90 Shipped from warehouse July 20,1882 serial #24716 A real nice gun with factory letter
5.This is a 1866 Winchester Yellowboy This will be one of the nicest rifles that I have had to sell.  It came in with the collection of 1886’s.  This gun was received in warehouse November 1877 Serial#147044 This gun was purchased from a Black family that used it against the KKK . Was  sold in the 40’s to Mr. Whitington Bossier City LA.
6.This 1866 Winchester rifle 44 cal. Seral #152340 Real nice gun saddle ring was added
7.This is the first 86 out of the collection of 11  This 1886 Winchester Rifle is one of the best I have seen. Was shipped from Original Manufacture April 29, 1893  ½ Octagon barrel set trigger Checkered stock Lyman sight nickel trim ½ mag. If you want one of the best this is the one
8.This 1886 Serial#122679 Is a beautiful gun. Shipped from Warehouse August 29,1900 Cal. 45-90 ½ Octagon Barrel plain trigger ½ mag. Very nice, nice gun.
9.1886 Winchester 33 cal. Serial#158548 Take down Beautiful nice gun.
10.1886 Rifle cal.40-70  Serial # 115242 ½ octagon barrel Set trigger pistol grip stock lyman site Hunting front site ½ mag. Shipped from warehouse March 12, 1900 . Real nice 85-90% all original gun
11.1886 Winchester Serial # 51786 Rifle 50-110 cal. ½ Octagon barrel set trigger graduated peep site ½ mag. Shot gun butt Received in warehouse February 13, 1891 Super nice gun
12.1886 Winchester  Rifle Serial #132748 33 cal. Round barrel plain trigger Full mag. Shot gun butt Received in warehouse December 19,1904 Graduated site Super nice gun.
13.1886 Winchester Early 4 digit serial #7661  45-70 Caliber Early original nice gun.
14.1886 Winchester take down rifle  40-65 Octagon barrel plain trigger lyman site front and rear shot gun butt Received in warehouse November 29,1895 Super nice gun with factory letter
15.1886 Winchester Rifle 45-70 cal. Tang site Octagon barrel plain trigger Received in warehouse May 22, 1893  Really nice gun
16.1866 Winchester rifle 45-90 Octagon extra heavy barrel set trigger lyman rear and hunting front site Received in warehouse August 26, 1890 This gun was a special order in absolutely mint condition with  Factory Letter
17.1886 Winchester Rifle 38-56 Serial #100438  Octagon barrel double set trigger received in warehouse January 9,1898 nice nice gun with factory letter
18.1886 Winchester 45-60 Serial # 82272 Octagon barrel plain trigger received in warehouse July 20,1893 with factory letter
19.’94 Winchester take down serial #515080 cal. 25-35 Beautiful gun with deluxe wood. One of a kind the 25-35 is the best caliber for a takedown
20.Colt 1866 41 caliber Nice single action Early gun
21.Colt 38 cal. Serial # 211735 Real nice early single action colt
22.Single action Colt 38-40 caliber Serial # 310821 7 ½” barrel Blue finish Shipped January 31,1910 to Montgomery Ward. Super nice gun with factory letter
23.Colt 380 Serial #80442 pearl handle grip super nice nickel plated.
24.Colt dragoon Serial # 15407